Monday, August 18, 2008

Parliament House, a place of humour … it usually is, isn’t it?

Parliament House was abuzz with laughter on Friday night - fitting for the 20th anniversary of Colin Wicking making Territorians laugh with his cartoons.

Wicking was celebrating 20 years as a cartoonist with the Northern Territory News.

Politicians, business people, public servants and a host of fans gathered to kick off an exhibition of his work and launch his latest book Best of Wicking Volume 4.

Former Administrator Austin Asche officially opened the exhibition with a poem about Wicking and a speech about the danger in taking life too seriously.

He spoke about the Australian sport of lopping tall poppies.

"Some intellectual drongos get very upset about this," he said. "We cut people down to size because it is our national duty to do so, and because it is our greatest defence against tyranny."

Mr Asche said Wicking helped Territorians laugh at themselves.

"It is notorious that, to appear in Wicking, is a sure road to popularity," he said.

Mr Asche said former deputy chief minister Barry Coulter and former chief minister Clare Martin gained 100 extra votes every time Wicking drew them in the NT News.

Wicking took to the podium and welcomed Paul Henderson as the Chief Minister - "just". And Terry Mills as the Opposition Leader - "still".

He said he was harassed only once in his career.

"A woman chased me around the NT News car park with an umbrella," he said. "I knew I was doing something right."

Historian Marilyn McDonnell-Davis said Wicking captured the "feelings of all Territorians".

All works at the exhibition are for sale and proceeds go to Wildcare NT and Total Recreation's Totally Talented Art and Craft Group.

Twenty Years of Wicking will be on display at the Great Hall of Parliament House until August 31. Mon-Fri 10am to 6pm; Sat & Sun 1pm to 5pm. Entry Free!
(Words from

Wicking has always had total disrespect for everyone; he doesn’t single anyone out or give attention to any group in particular and no-one is safe from his attention.

I think that is the reason I like his humour – everyone is fair game. He does, however, seem to give cats a bad time. But I have been assured that he has a couple of them, so his regular cat harassment could be just because it works, or perhaps he is regularly on the receiving end of disdainful treatment from his resident felines.

He has also been quite keen on targeting women, and below is one of his recent cartoons on that subject.

So, keep up the good work; and all the best for the next 20 years

Monday, August 11, 2008

Elections ... hhmmm

I have been away and missed most of the advertizing for the election, and, thankfully, all of the TV advertizing. This is a good thing.

A fair fight? I wonder.