Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Swan Lake turns pink … Flamingo Flutter?

A new exercise in my regime involves training for an attempt to balance firmly on my left leg, without wobbling all over the place, something I have been unable to do very successfully for some time.

Does this remind me of something?

Once again it requires a certain amount of trust or faith. Why would I not be able to stand on this leg? Logically, it is a heck of a lot stronger and more reliable than the one I had been hobbling around on for quite some time.

Strangely enough my balance and my idea of vertical is a bit off true. I notice this when, as instructed, I practise in front of a mirror. I feel that I am standing evenly on both legs, but the mirror tells me differently. Perhaps the mirror is not straight?

I’ll get it right and there may still be a chance for me in the corps de ballet.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ticks, tacks and tasers

I think a little guy with a hammer and a bag full of sharp tacks has taken up residence inside my hip. Well, not in my hip joint, but in my hip area.

I wonder did someone let him in there during the surgery?

Maybe he has a nail gun rather than a bag of tacks. Or perhaps he has gone really cutting edge and invested in a taser.


Since a few days after my surgery, every now and again, he starts practising tacking, nailing or tasering. During the day it is OK, but during the night, when I am sound asleep, it is a more effective wakeup call that the loudest alarm clock, or for that matter, the loudest screaming hungry baby.

It feels like a very fine, long needle going into the tissues near the wound.

It is, however, probably only the result of one of the sutures which has perhaps hogtied a nerve, dissolving and the nerve is free. "I’m back" it screams, very much like pins and needles on steroids.

The good thing is that it’s another area of the rather stressed “boned out” section of muscle and tissue bonding with the new prosthesis and coming back to work. Regular massage in the area has helped a lot too, even though it was tough letting it happen!

This is all good and another step along the road to recovery.

Not even the wet, dull weather can distract me … well, maybe if I had a good book and a couple of days off work to read it!