Thursday, February 18, 2010

A slight distraction - a workplace restructure

It is a while now since the restructure was announced.

We waited with bated breath.

Then we waited some more.

We were positive, we were brave and we were patient.

Then came some announcements ...

We are still waiting. But we feel loved.

Now we need humour.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I can fly! Truly, I can!

I really don’t want to fly, but over the last (almost) three months I have found humour and even encouragement in the cute little Aussie cartoon which hits my inbox every day.

Sometimes, and I have said this in my blog, I have even felt that the cartoonist has been looking over my shoulder.

A few weeks ago there appeared the following group of cartoons in a mini series. The lead was played by Ding Duck “the world’s worst flying student. After or in spite of 5397 flying lessons at last count, he still can’t fly”.

One would think that people would read, laugh and then move on. But no ... some Swamp watchers decided to offer suggestions to the poor little duck.

Even Ding has encouragers.

Click and read.

I am not running a marathon yet; and there have been times when I have sat in the corner and sucked my thumb, but it seems that, at those times there has been a pick me up from someone. No names as you know who you are. Well maybe you don’t realize the support you have provided. Just as I haven’t always realized the progress I have made and have had to do a few checks and balances to realize.

When you live in the body you are sometimes just too close to notice and it takes those checks and balances or someone to remind you.

As I almost reach the three month mark after a major operation that has become a turning (walking?) point in my life I would like to thank my supporters from all around the world. Who would have thought even a few years ago that you would receive encouragement, get well cards and you can do it cards from places as diverse as my comments and emails have come from.

THANK YOU! And really, it is a small world after all.

Oh, and yes thank you